This article explains how to setup a simple buy 2 và get 1 không lấy phí discount. Technically, when a user adds 3 of a particular sản phẩm to their cart, a 100% discount is applied khổng lồ 1 of those items.

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In this example we will setup the discount for a specific product, but it's easy to lớn apply it lớn a range of products or categories of products.

Setting up the Discount

Click on địa chỉ cửa hàng Product Bundle khổng lồ begin.There are 3 main fields, or sections, you need khổng lồ complete for this type of discount:Name: When this discount is applied khổng lồ a user's cartthe Name of the discount will appear there along with the appropriate discount. You should enter a short, succinct name that explains the discount khổng lồ the user. For this type of discountsomething along the lines of Buy X Get X không lấy phí works well, và if it only applies lớn a specific category or type of hàng hóa you should include that too.Discount Qualifier: For this type of discount, this is where you set whether the highest or lowest value of the 3 products is given the 100% discount. Lowest Valueis the typical option khổng lồ choose here, but if the applicable products are of similar pricing & you wish to lớn maximise value for the customeryou can consider the Highest Value option.Product Bundle Selection: Here we specify when the bundle is applicableand what happens when the bundle is applied. It can be broken up into the following 3 sections:What quantity of products must be purchased to lớn trigger this discount?For our example we need to lớn set the Selection Operation khổng lồ Multiples Of, the Selection Quantity khổng lồ 3 và the Select Quantifer lớn Of Any Items. The effect of this is:for each set of any 3 productsthe discount will be applied.Which products will this discount apply to?Using the Selection Predicate field you can specify which categories of products, or which specific products, this discount will apply to. Click the appropriate option, tìm kiếm for the relevant categories or products, và select those which the discount should apply to. When multiples of 3 products from the danh sách of chosen productsor categoriesare added khổng lồ the user's cart, the discount will be applied.What discount should be applied?Now you need to lớn set just how much of a discount is given to your customers. For our example we want lớn give the customer 3 products for the price of 2, so you need to lớn set the Discount Amount lớn 100, the Discount Operation to lớn Percent, và the Discount Quantifer lớn 1. The effect of this is: for each mix of applicable products, discount 1 product by 100%.Scroll to lớn the bottom & click the Save button và the discount is now in effect.

Discount Explanation

In this section you will find a more in depth explanation of the relationship between the hàng hóa Bundle Selection fields và the over result of the discount.

To explore this discount in detail, we must first establish what products the discount is being applied to. For this explanation, pretend the discount is being applied lớn a category of products called "Tops", và it could be called Buy 2 Tops Get 1 vị trí cao nhất Free. Further to this, it is not limited khổng lồ a single use, customers may purchase 20 Tops and get 10 không tính phí if they wish.

The first step is to understand what is actually occuring. The user does not địa chỉ 2 items lớn their cartand receive a 3rd cống phẩm for free, that would involve a guess regarding what tác phẩm the customer wanted. Instead, like in a retail store, the user chooses 3 specific items they wantand 1 of 3 items, generally the cheapest, is provided forfree. Lớn summarise, for every mix of 3 items added khổng lồ the cart, 1 thành tựu is provided for free, or in other words, 1 is provided with a 100% discount. If 30 items are added to lớn the cart, 10 receive a 100% discount.

What quantity of products must be purchased lớn trigger this discount?As established above, this discount applies when sets of 3 items are added lớn the cart. This part of the thiết đặt is broken up as follows:Selection OperationMultiples Ofis chosen here which allows the discount khổng lồ be applied multiple times. For our example the discount applies to multiples of 3 products (it applies when 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 etc. Products are added lớn the cart), & for each multiple of 3 products added to the cartthe discount will be applied once.If you wanted this discount to only apply to lớn the first 3 products added khổng lồ the customers cart, and not be applied for subsequent sets of 3 products,you could instead choose Greater Than Or Equal To. This would trigger a discount one time only when the 3 products are added to the cart, & any additional products vày not trigger further discounts.Selection Quantity3 is entered here because we want the discount khổng lồ apply lớn multiples of 3 products. If this discount was Buy 3 Get 1 Free, the Selection Quantity would be set to lớn 4 because the 100% discount on 1 sản phẩm is applied only after 4 items are in the cart.

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Selection QuantifierThis field is used khổng lồ set whether or not the customer must buy multiples of the same product to receive a discount (Of the same items), or if they can purchase different applicable products & receive the discount (Of any items).Which products will this discount apply to?As per our example above, this discount applies when sets of 3 items from the "Tops" category are added khổng lồ the cart. This part of the thiết lập only involves a single field, Selection Predicate, which is where you select the categories of products, or the specific products, which the user must địa chỉ to their cart to trigger the discount.For our example, the Categories option would be selectedand from there the "Tops" category would be chosen, resulting in the discount applying lớn products within the "Tops" category.You can select both categories and specific products for this discount khổng lồ apply though, you are not limted khổng lồ one or the other.What discount should be applied?To conclude our example, 1 in every 3 products from the "Tops" category added to lớn our cart must receive a 100% discount. In this section we thiết lập the 100% discount so it applies to only 1 of the 3 products, & is broken up as follows:Discount OperationThough this is actually the second field butit will make this explanation easier to lớn cover it first. The discount applied can either be a percentage of the targeted product/s, or a specific dollar value. For our example we want khổng lồ provide a 100% discount, so Percent is chosen from this drop down menu.Discount AmountAs above, the discount lớn be applied is 100%, so we enter 100 into this field.Discount QuantifierLastly, this is where we specify how many of the Selection Quantity is eligible for the specified discount. For example, our Selection Quantity is 3 because the discount applies when 3, or rather multiples of 3, are added to lớn the cart. The Discount Quantifier is set khổng lồ 1 for this discountbecause 1 in every 3 products should receive the 100% discount.

Other Discount Types

If this isn't the exact discount you were after you can feel không tính phí to customise the settings, or you can review one of the other common discount types:

Best Buy is having an online "Buy two, get one free" khuyễn mãi giảm giá on Nintendo Switch games, including several that haven"t even been released yet.


Best Buy is currently having a special “Buy two, get one free” offer on Nintendo Switch games for My Best Buy Plus và My Bust Buy Total subscribers, including ones that haven’t been released yet. Special gaming-related giveaways are nothing new, with such retail chains as Game
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Best Buy is no stranger to these types of deals either. Last summer, the electronics store chain held a special “10 Days, 10 Games, 10 Dollars” sale, which offered up one mystery trò chơi at a discount each day over the course of two weeks. This sự kiện proved popular enough that Amazon offered up its own discount on the titles being offered as part of Best Buy’s deal. Now, Best Buy is holding a somewhat more modest promotion, but one that will likely turn heads over the particular games it involves.

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Right now, Best Buy is holding a special offer on Nintendo Switch games for My Best Buy Plus and My Best Buy Total members, in which customers who purchase two games can get a third one for free on the retail chain’s website. What makes this seemingly normal promotion interesting is that some of the games listed are titles that are set to release in later 2023 or 2024 - such as Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Super Mario RPG, Pikmin 4, & Wario
Ware: Move It
. The khuyễn mãi giảm giá only applies to lớn brand-new titles, and the không tính tiền game must be of equal or lesser value to the other two items.


Many of the games listed in Best Buy’s latest Nintendo Switch offering were actually just announced during last week’s Nintendo Direct livestream. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a new 2 chiều Mario platformer that will allow players to race through the Mushroom Kingdom in four-player co-op và take control of the spunky Princess Daisy for the first time in a mainline Super Mario game. Meanwhile, Super Mario RPG is a remake of the cult-classic Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, which was a collaboration between Nintendo và Square Enix on the Super NES back in 1996.

Best Buy’s latest khuyễn mãi giảm giá also includes plenty of upcoming third-party Switch games, such as the speedy side-scroller Sonic Superstars, the tactical turn-based spin-off Persona 5 Tactica, và the mystical Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Of course, players who order these games as part of Best Buy’s “Buy two, get one free” giveaway won’t be able to lớn play them until they officially launch, but customers have the chance to lớn pre-order some of the Nintendo Switch’s most exciting future releases for miễn phí for a limited time.